We envision a complete breakthrough in the Middle East, where church leaders who have never been taught how to minister will finally get the chance to see radical change in the most persecuted countries in the world.

& Vision

It is the church’s duty to pursue lovepeace, and joy. In a region that has experienced religious, political, and social unrest for decades, it is my desire to bring practical ministry training to some of the most intensely persecuted places in the world. As you may have heard from some of my stories, many church leaders in the Middle East do not have access to real ministry training, thus crippling their efforts to reach people with the Gospel. Many must travel out of the country just to have access to the training they need.

I have begun to serve, train and raise up leaders and members of the underground church who have experienced the weight of this persecution. My vision is to establish both pop-up and permanent schools of ministry tailored to equip indigenous leaders with a focus on living out the book of Acts: to operate in signs and wonders, to evangelize through healing and prophetic acts, and to call people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The ultimate goal of these schools is to see peace in the Middle East. Jesus gives true purpose and transformation where societies have been dealing with radical groups that have been tearing them down for decades.

We have put on several schools, but desire to do more and to reach more. With the time I’ve spent raising up church leaders in the Middle East, we’ve already seen such a movement of God through the equipping of leaders—Muslims coming to Christ, the sick getting healed, and even the most unlikely circumstances ending in radical life change! 

To understand more about our mission and how you can help, please watch the video below (3min 47sec):

Word from a Prophet in Atlanta

Eighteen years ago, a man came to my church in Atlanta who was recognized by many as a prophet. He gave me a very powerful word that has been confirmed many times:

“Now is the time for the voice of the spirit to come forth. The function out of your innermost being also is coming forth. They will begin to run from sin and run to holiness. Darkness will break from around them. Demons will run screaming at your very presence as you step out, because you are my very chosen, says the Lord. You shall be a great stronghold for my kingdom against the enemy. And I will use you to keep my little ones from straying away from me till they are developed and discipled. Disciple them well, my son, for they will be the image that I have placed in you around the world. Yes, I told you that I would raise up apostles, prophets, evangelists, and send forth teachers from you. Know that I am well pleased, says the Lord, and know that I find joy in what you are doing and will do on my behalf.”

How to Support​

In my experience as a minister, I have been to 59 different countries, and 6 of the most dangerous countries in the world according to Voice of the Martyrs. Support me in both prayer and finances as you join me in a step of faith to live radically. Your giving will contribute to this incredible vision the Lord has placed on my heart–I believe these schools will have a long-lasting impact on lives, families, churches, and generations!

Our Goal

Starting off in 2019, we are planning four different intensives in Pakistan, Armenia, Iraq, and either Syria or Afghanistan. Here, I will connect with key leaders that have already begun making this vision possible. Then, we will begin vision casting for our two ministry schools in Erbil, Iraq and Yerevan, Armenia. Our goal is to first individually fund and raise up underground leaders in the Middle East, and then eventually begin these two ministry schools.

Our goal is to initially raise $90,000 in order to equip the facilities where the pastors will be staying and to provide scholarships and stipends for them to attend 4 intensives for this year.

Our Progress

$90,000 Goal