Why is there Evil and Suffering in the World


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Most people ask “If God is so good, why is there evil in the world?” In this single teaching, Robby brings biblical truth to this question. You’ll get answers to:

  • Why do we deal with sin?
  • Is there an evil spirit at work in the world?
  • Why doesn’t God just put a stop to sin?

“Why is There Evil and Suffering in the World?” is a foundational teaching to understand why evil still exists today and how we can respond to it.

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1 review for Why is there Evil and Suffering in the World

  1. Grace

    I have been asked so many times why is their evil in the world, if god is so good why is their pain and suffering why is their hell how do I grow in God and I have told people I don’t know until I went to one of Robby’s conferences last weeekend and I got this CD and it pretty much covers all these questions guaranteed this will bring a lot of hope to the hopeless and increase your faith God is so good Bless you Robby

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