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  • You will be introduced to your team, have opportunities for team bonding and sharing stories.
  • You will spend time hearing exclusive teaching from Robby, as well as opportunities for individual prayer and impartation.
  • You will be encouraged to step out in faith during street ministry opportunities and at the conference services during ministry time. You will be stretched to begin giving words of knowledge, encouragement, and praying for healing.
  • Opportunities each day to eat together and be joyful with a team that quickly becomes Kingdom family!
  • AND MORE!!!!

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  • You will experience a weekend full of ministry in the supernatural, community, and growth like never before in your walk with Christ.
  • We put together these trips to give people the opportunity to not just attend but to participate. We want people to live out what’s already within them, and sometimes all you need is a little activation.
  • Do you desire to grow in boldness? Do you want to step out more in praying for the sick and prophesying? Come on a trip–God wants you to use YOU to love and impact your communities.

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  • Flights are accounted for in the budget (but we may have you purchase them on your own).
  • Ministry training, impartation, activation, and Q&A from Robby Dawkins
  • Free weekend admission to Robby Dawkins conference
  • Transportation to/from the airport and to wherever the team will go
  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Potential snacks (if we will purchase them for conference)

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  • Meals (besides complimentary hotel breakfasts)
  • RDM merchandise
  • Any additional needs of trip participants

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Additional proceeds will be contributing to Robby Dawkins Ministries, helping fund conferences, missions trips, and everything that makes this ministry possible. Coming on the trip will also be a big support to his mission and the kingdom. Thank you so much for supporting RDM!