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Identity Thief

Identity Thief


Since the Garden of Eden, our true identities have been hacked–stolen and reprogrammed by Satan. God has an amazing plan for us. And the enemy is short-circuiting it.

When we don’t recognize who we really are, we limit God. But when we grasp the truth of who we are in Christ, we can walk with authority into the realm of power reserved for each of God’s children. We can heal the sick, cast out demons and deliver the captives. We can see miracles and make a lasting impact for the Kingdom.

Don’t settle for the glass ceiling constructed from the enemy’s lies. Break through it! Exchange fear and doubt for a life of radical possibility. 


Reclaim your true identity . . . and change the world.

“In our journey together in these pages, I will share with you some of the many ways Satan has tried to steal my own identity over the years. I will also show you from personal experience how God can and will enable you to overcome, just as He did for me—and how you can respond when Satan turns and sets his sights on you. – Excerpt from Identity Thief by Robby Dawkins


“God has a specific job and destiny for your life. No one can do it as well as you. Identity Thief will give you the course correction to embrace your true destiny. It’s not too late!”  from the foreword by Sid Roth, host of It’s Supernatural!

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